The stages of your campaign

A successful prospecting campaign is above all a well-prepared campaign!

Here's how we structure your prospecting campaign for effective execution.


First meeting with your Project Manager and Business Developer.

The purpose of this discussion with you is to define your market segmentation, your targets, your competitors, and any other useful information for the campaign.

File preparation

Together, we build the best database based on your targeting criteria: organization, function, workforce, growth signals, specialized directories, etc.

The more precise the targeting, the better the results.


Once the campaign channels have been defined, we produce specific messages for each prospecting channel. Now's the time to put our best foot forward and write messages that will have a real impact on your prospects.

Technical set-up

  • Tool settings.
  • Setting up the database in CRM.
  • Mail deliverability test.
  • Business Developer training.

As we prospect on your behalf, we send you all the elements of your campaign for validation.

You're free to adjust them as you see fit, including the prospecting file, the sales pitch, the teaser and follow-up texts, and so on.

Regular reporting

You can monitor your campaign on a daily basis via a detailed report sent after each day's prospecting. What's more, your Business Developer will discuss the quality of your campaign with you on a regular basis.

Live listening

You are strongly encouraged to take part in the first call. This will enable you to make any necessary adjustments to the message and tone of the first contact.

Your involvement contributes to the campaign's success !

Making an appointment

We position the generated appointments directly in your calendar.

PS: Don't hesitate to tell your Business Developer about your sales on his leads (it increases his motivation tenfold and we love celebrating success!).


Planning your campaign

Our added value

Our agency's assets

We build real relationships

Success doesn't lie in making quick appointments, but in building real relationships with your prospects. This is what enables you to achieve the best possible closing rate.

A clear B2B pre-sales process

The freshness of data, the automation of low value-added actions and the technical skills of sales staff are essential elements in a quality pre-sales process. With our configuration, we make prospecting more efficient, more transparent and more targeted, both for our partners and for ourselves.

External but like internal

The key to our success lies in an open and transparent relationship with our partners. Prompt feedback, suggestions for improvement and an understanding of our partners' corporate philosophy enable us to appear as an internal member of your sales department.

Our best asset is our team

Our sales people are constantly honing their knowledge and skills through active, ongoing participation in various outbound projects. Training courses, workshops, trainings ... nothing is too good for our teams!

Frequently asked questions

Can I meet the Business Developer in charge of my campaign?

Yes, in fact it's highly recommended. You can talk to the sales person in charge of your campaign during the preparation briefing and from the very first days of prospecting, to ensure effective collaboration.

Where is your branch located?

We are based in Tunis, Tunisia.

Is there a time difference with France?

Good news! We're in the same time zone. There's only a one-hour time difference with Tunis for 6 months of the year. During this period, we adapt our schedules to the French timetable.

How long is the commitment period? Can I stop a campaign in progress?

Our campaigns are non-binding. You can stop the campaign at any time by giving 15 days' notice and ending the current month.

What are the opening hours for telephone prospecting?

We canvass Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Can we redirect contacts during the campaign if necessary?

Yes, it's perfectly possible to modify an ongoing campaign (targeting, sales pitch, channels used, etc.) in response to new elements that may change positioning or priorities.

Can I have the processed file at the end of the campaign?

Yes, at the end of the campaign, we'll return the file to you on request, complete with comments and all the information our team has exchanged with your prospects.

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