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OMYOS supports your growth

We're an outbound sales agency committed to helping B2B companies achieve their growth objectives by generating qualified leads.

We do this through innovative prospecting methods that combine the know-how and expertise of our business developers with an effective digital marketing strategy.

We believe in the importance of a customised approach for each client, to guarantee optimal ROI.


Why entrust your sales prospecting to us?

Be more efficient

Focus your commercial efforts on deal closing and increase your chances of converting prospects into new clients.

Access to expertise

Exploit the full potential of digital tools and benefit from our cutting-edge prospecting service.

Save time

Speed up your selling cycle

Control your costs

Recruitment, training, administration, management. Free yourself from payroll management !

Our goal is simple

Generate qualified meetings with your prospects


The stages of your prospecting campaign

Outbound services

Prospecting tailored to your market

We create customised prospecting campaigns, adapted to your target and to your market. 

STARTER : LinkedIn

The ultimate BtoB social network. Use Social Selling to generate leads!

BOOSTER: Emailing + LinkedIn

Emailing is reputed to be one of the most effective prospecting channels. Alternating with Social Selling is the ideal approach.

MULTICHANNEL : Phoning + Emailing + LinkedIn

Automation is great, but human interactions are even better! Call on the power of multi-channel prospecting and increase your chances of generating qualified meetings tenfold.

Outside of the box

You have other specific outbound sales needs ? Our team of experts can help.

Our added value

Our agency's assets

A business developer dedicated to your campaign.

Expert, able to convince decision-makers.

Our tool stack.

Benefit from the most innovative, high-performance digital tools on the market

A results-driven culture.

Our teams are passionate about hunting.

The quality of our databases.

The more qualified, better is the reach. Result: more meetings booked in your agenda !

Continuous visibility of your campaign.

Reporting and metrics tracking for permanent optimization with you.

Premium services with highly competitive pricing.

Save on price but not on quality.


Customer cases

Business development, what does it mean exactly ?

A project to launch

Boost your sales now ! 

Outbound services